– Abdoul Camara

                                          Abdoul Camara was born on 11 November 1984 in Dakar, Senegal. He is a professional dancer and performer. He started dancing with his artist father, Ibrahima Sory Camara from the age of 7 (Click here to watch his first video.) As an outstanding dancer, he travelled around the world: France, India, Algeria, Tunisia, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Congo, Guadeloupe-island among others. He was a contracted dancer of Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Senegal for years and he is the artistic director and choreographer of Ballet Camara Dance Company. Hi is well known for his diverse shows, acrobatic skills and the dance with the giant calabash, a worldwide unique and spectacular dance! Besides being a folk dancer, he is familiar with contemporary dance styles, and sings, plays djembe and balafon. He is familiar with the following West-African folk styles and dances: peul; dundumba; kuku; yela; serer; diola; sose; balanta; mbalax; among many others. One of his most interesting show elements is the dance with the fire where he touches his body parts, even his mouth and tongue with fire but it does not hurt him!


Abdoul Camara is based in Hungary and available for individual shows or to organise Ballet Camara for festivals and cultural events around the globe.  Click here and feel free to contact him directly!






Balanta Dance on the Stage of Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Senegal


Abdoul Camara performs at the stage of Africa Expo and Fair, Hungary


Dance with fire, Mbour, Senegal


Savaria Carnaval, Hungary


  Sziget Festival, Hungary





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