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Ballet Camara from Senegal is a professional group composed of selected outstanding musicians and dancers. They provide high standard African dance and drum shows with various choreographs and costumes (peul, yela, serer, balanta, dundumba, mbalax among others). They are unique worldwide for their acrobatic dance with the giant calabash (Guinean peul kunnawal tradition), the dance with the fire or the one leg dance, among other spectacular performances. The artistic director of the group is two times winner (Oscar des Vacances) Abdoul Camara who has been touring since the age of 11 around the globe. He was a contracted dancer of the National Theatre of Senegal for years and now he is based in Budapest, Hungary with her family and organizes shows, dance and drum workshops.  The European partner of Ballet Camara is Culturafrica Foundation,a Hungarian non-profit organization. 





Ballet Camara was founded by Ibrahima Sory Camara in 1964. He was a great dancer of Guinean peul origin, who made an international career as dancer. He was among the famous artists who have travelled with Senegalese president Léopold Sédar Senghor around the world. Since his death, his sons, Abdoul and Kaly Camara manage the company and keep the tradition and familiy heritage alive.


Ballet Camara is composed of 17 professional dancers, singers and musicians living in Senegal, West-Africa. The artistic director and choreographer of the group is Abdoul Camara, youngest son of the founder of the Ballet, ex- dancer of Daniel Sorano National Theater of Senegal and two times vinner of ’Oscar des Vacances’ talent competition in Senegal. He started dancing and the age of 7 and extensively travelled during the past years.


The most spectacular performance of the dance company is peul music and folk dance combined with acrobatic elements. They are famous for their dance with the giant calabash, a unique worldwide cultural heritage they inherited from their peul descendants. The group also performs diola (Casamance region), toucouler (Fouta Toro), sabar (Dakar) and peul (Guinea) dances among several others. They play on flute (peul), marecass, kora, balafon, djembe, dundun- sangban- kenkeni,sabar, doroma and calabash during their shows. The Camara family live in Dakar (Grand Yoff) where children grow up with art therefore art tradition is passed from generation to generation. The company, who has performed in Italy, France, Hungary, Tunisia, Japan and Congo among others,  seeks further opportunities to perform at festivals and cultural events in Europe, Africa and around the globe.


Abdoul Camara, artistic director and choreographer

Abdoul Camara is a professional dancer based in Budapest, Hungary. He started dancing at the age of 7. He has performed in France, Guadeloupe -island, Japan, India, Italy, Tunesia, Algeria, and DR-Congo among other countries. He is a wonderful artist and dancer of West-African dances (peul, serer, diola, yela, soninke etc.) He also sings, dances mbalax and plays djembe, dundun and balafon. He is famous for his unique performance with the giant calabash, that originates from his peul descendants. He was the master of several Senegalese dancers who are among the best performers at the moment in European and African companies. Click and read more about him. 

Some excellent artists of the group

Elisabeth Mendy, dancer of Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Senegal is an extremely talendted and dynamic dancer. She is well known for her magnificent solo dances and energy. She is the leader of the female dancers of the group. She has performed in China, Hungary, India, Tunisia, and Italy among others. Kaly Camara is the son of Ibrahima Sory Camara, founder of the Ballet. Kaly Camara - or Vieux as his friends call him- is a multi-skilled artist. He is a djembe master and plays the peul flute. He is well known for his virtuosity in his solo and capability to follow the dancers with his rhytms which is essential for the dance with the giant calabash. He has performed in Japon, Hungary, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Congo among others. Aliou Ba plays with the dundun-sangban-kenkeni drums but he can also play the djembe at an extremely high level. He is a skilled artist who left his family in Mbour to come to Dakar to learn from the Camara family all that he knows about art.



Kaly Camara                            Elisabeth Mendy


Reasons to book the group:

  • members are selected professional dancers and musicians
  • worldwide unique shows with the acrobatic dance with the giant calabash, the dance with fire etc.
  • members travelled around the globe so it is not difficult to obtain visas for the artists
  • they are in collaboration with Culturafrica Foundation, a  Hungary based non-profit organisation working on cultural development in Africa. The Foundation can ensure office and legal background to handle the administration of the group (billing, contracts, invitation letters etc.)





Abdoul Camara on the stage of Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Senegal,May 2015
Dance with fire 2014
Performance at Africa Expo Budapest, February 2015



Sziget Festival - THE BIGGEST FESTIVAL IN CENTRAL EUROPE WITH 440.000 VISITORS! 30 minutes stage time (night shows), 60 minutes afro dance and 60 minutes djembe workshop each day! 2016, 2015

Flower Carnival Debrecen, 2016

Nagyvárad National Theatre, full night show, Romania, 2016

Oktoberfest, Budapest, 2016

V. HTCC Africa Expo and Fair- 2016

Chiala Festival, Graz, Austria, 2016

Tiszafüredi Halasnapok, 2016

Beach Fest, Balaton, 2016

French Institute, Senegal night, full night show, 2016

Festival des Filets Bleus Concarneau, France, 2015

Palace of Arts, Hungary- 2015

Savaria Historic Festival, Szombathely, Hungary - 2016, 2015
African Days, Millenáris Park - 2015
Grand Yoff Festival, Senegal - 2015
IV. Globoport Africa Expo and Fair, Hungary - 2015

Festival des Filets Bleus, Concarneau, France - 2015
Gungu Festival, Democratic Republic of Congo - 2011
Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres (FESMAN) - 2010
Djembe Ryhtme Festival - 2008, 2009
Japan (Ockinawa, Fijoroke) - 2007
Kaay Fecc Festival, Senegal - 2007
Japán (Tokio) - 2005
FESNAC Festival -2003
Guadeloupe-Island, International Folklore Festival - 1999, 2003