EN – Drum and Dance Camp in Senegal

 A 10-day intensive dance and drum camp in Senegal, at the Atlantic coast, with excellent musicians and dancers of the Daniel Sorano National Theatre and Sory Camara Dance Theatre! A unique and inspiring camp where participants can learn West - African dances (serer, peul, mbalax, soninke, diola, etc.) and rhythms from the best dancers and musicians of Senegal. The leading artists of the camp are the multiple winners of the Senegalese "Oscar des Vacances" talent show: Elizabeth Mendy and Abdoul Camara, dancers of Daniel Sorano National Theatre and Sory Camara Dance Theatre. Djembe drums are granted for all participants, but if somebody wishes to play balafon or kora it could be equally organised. Beginner and advanced dance and drum courses will be launched separately, in the light of the final number of participants.
Why Senegal? In Senegal everything is pervaded by art, dance and music. Several world-famous Senegalese singers and dancers origin from this magnificent country (Youssou N'Dour; Akon; Baaba Maal; Cheikh Lo; Baobab Orchestra, etc.). There is a fantastic atmosphere, great teachers, and comfortable, clean and secured environment to experience African duncing and drumming.

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